Permit and rules

For the building and construction we need to take care of the next listed rules. There are some basic rules to build and construct without the need of a special permit.

Whenever the listed requirements are overruled, then a permit from the local city is required for the building.

Rules for construction without a need of a permit:

  • The height cannot exceed 3 meters
  • The total surface is less than 30 m2
  • If the greenhouse is less than 10m2 then it can stand on the borderline of your neightbour
  • If the greenhouse is bigger than 10 m2, then it must have a spatial space of a minimal of 1 meter from the borderline of your neightbour
  • You are building on the ground floor

It seems very confusing, but in all cases please use our expertise to advise you in this traject.

Before the building and constuction work it is advised to check local guidelines for building and construction at your place.